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Flowers and Nature and Bonsais, Oh My!

Chicago Botanic Gardens is a wonderfully beautiful place to visit – 26 gardens including a waterfall garden, loads of prairie, and acres and acres of water. But did you know they also offer educational opportunities?

Our friends at Chicago Botanic Gardens talk about the challenges of city gardening and practical solutions.

Making Ends Meet

Uff da, Duluth!

Last week, I travelled to Duluth, Minnesota for the summer meeting of the Farm Beginnings Collaborative. This 1,400 mile 4 day trip was my first excursion into the far north of the country and I found it fascinating. The lands were flat, forested, and full of lakes, and the people were warm and welcoming. It called to mind the many many summer evenings spent with my grandmother in her kitchen in the plains of Ohio listening to "A Prairie Home Companion." So, in honor of Garrison Keillor...

Market Halftime Report's picture

13 weeks down, 11 to go. We've hit the halfway point of Season 3 at the Champaign Farmers' Market, and I'm just going to cut to the chase and say the season has surpassed all expectations. I'll be honest, last year was a struggle. Attendance was down a little from the first season, a few new vendors who started the season full of excitement, didn't finish out the summer with us.

Steady as She Goes

We've been having some fun with military terminology in the office lately, with IED (Interim Executive Director) as a favorite.  I'm going to add another one in -- more nautical in nature, and more encompassing of my current philosophy -- Steady as She Goes.   That is my goal as Interim Executive Director -- not to blow things up, but instead to keep things on course and moving forward in the same direction.  


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