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Eat Well to Be Well (A Love Story)

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OK, I admit it, I've just fallen in love. This morning. Over my New York Times and coffee. With two guys, doctors no less. This is the line that got me:

Food is at the center of health and illness . . . and so doctors must make all aspects of it — growing, buying, cooking, eating — a mainstay of their medical educations, their personal lives and their practices.

Yes, doctor!

Safe Eggs Come From Healthy Hens (Duh!)

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The results are in!

Barry Estabrook took the challenge, sent eggs from his free-ranging hens to a lab to be tested and . . . no salmonella!

This may seem like no big deal, but his hens, like those my family raises, my grandparents raised, and countless generations before them raised . . . are in close proximity to manure, wild birds, mice and other creatures--all cited by the FDA as likely causes of the salmonella found in the contaminated Wright County Eggs.


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