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I have grain on the mind...

This is my first blog entry at TLC and I have grain on the mind. One of my first large tasks as the Farmer Training Program Manager has been to finalize the planning of our upcoming workshop on organic grain marketing. It has my head swimming with memories of my childhood riding in my dad's combine and running through the corn stubbled fields of central Ohio. To this day, the smell of soybean dust is a close second favorite to the smell of tractor grease.

Tips for Farmers' Market Meal Planning

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I, for one, know how a busy week can quickly run away from you. Next thing you know - BLINK! It's Sunday again. You ask yourself, " I had SO many plans... what happened to the week?" That's me. If I'm not focused on the few things outside of work that I want to get done during the week, it just doesn't happen between kickball, glass blowing, yoga, tending to the garden..... and the list can go on. 

Here's why you should take my job

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You may have heard that I am moving on from The Land Connection and from the Midwest. I’m writing this to tell you two things. The first is just how much this work here in Illinois has meant to me, and the second is that if there is anyone out there who cares about the future of our food system like I do, you should apply for the position I’m vacating.


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