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Working Toward our Vision

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As the executive director of The Land Connection I do a lot of different things like writing grants and reports, developing our budget, working with our great team on programming, and going to a lot of meetings. So when I get caught up in the day to day operations, the things that are not always super inspiring, I go back and read our mission statement.

What should be our new season's resolution?

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Ah, the holidays. Chestnuts, crackling fireplaces, big meals and tasty treats with family and friends. And even though this year was a tad unusual (kids playing outside in the sun instead of rolling out snow angels, the feeling of the holiday season is always in the air.

But with that feeling comes the anticipation of what follows immediately afterwards - a brand new year.

Polenta and Radishes

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Buttered Radishes and Polenta


There are a lot ways to continue eating locally grown foods in the winter in the Midwest--you can even make a beautiful, brightly colored meal in January. Cornmeal can be prepared by boiling it in water to make either a soft or firm polenta dish. I personally love to make a firm polenta and then to top it with buttered vegetables.


1 Cup corn meal

4 Cups water

1 Teaspoon salt

Give Thanks and Give Back

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It snowed last night. And Thanksgiving is coming up this week. It has finally happened - the holidays are officially upon us.

The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and of thankfulness, a time where friends and family come together to spend time with one another, to appreciate it each other. A time of love and goodwill amongst all. Right? Oh, and presents. And wine. 


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