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Persimmons and Memories

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After having been gone for four years, one of the first things I did upon returning to Santa Barbara, California, my home town, was to bite into a Fuyu persimmon that was grown in my mother’s garden.

It’s not new to talk about the connection between food and memory, but on this particular trip, every day was an intense experience of reconnecting with lifelong friends--and each time, that connection happened over a meal.

The season is coming to an end, or not...

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The season is coming to an end for some farmers, but for others the space in which they grow their crops is just changing from wide open fields to temperature controlled (or at least monitored) covered growing spaces. 

The farmers who extend their seasons, either into late fall, or even through the winter, have been preparing their starts and beds, and watching the weather forecasts as the threat of the first frost approaches.


5 Reasons You Should Get Your Rear to the Market this October: UNCUT

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It's halfway through October. Fall, pretty leaves, pumpkins, apple picking, and your LAST CHANCE to get to the farmers' market. Yes, I'm talking to you. You who have been meaning to go all year, or have only gone once or twice. It's your last shot until next May...TAKE IT. Here are just a few reasons why:

Learning how to roll

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I had the pleasure of  spending last Sunday afternoon at the Sangamon River Forest Preserve near Fisher, Illinois. A relatively new park, it sits at a shallow spot in the river, surrounded by old-growth trees and restored prairie. It’s a lovely spot, with a history that illustrates how dramatically human intervention can reshape the landscape.

Farm Aid 30--Mud, Bands, and Seeds

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The first Farm Aid concert was held in Champaign in 1985, and 30 years later it is still going strong. 

The first concert was supposed to be a one-off to help farmers in crisis--but the event turned into an organization that has been helping farmers ever since, as small family farms still-- maybe more than ever--need people and organizations to advocate for them.


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