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Progress at the Farm Progress Show

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At the Farm Progress Show in Decatur last week, I saw encourging signs that even among conventional farmers there is growing recognition of the importance of sustainable farming practices. During two panel discussions, one on cover crops, the other on wildlife restoration, the conversation made it plain that protecting and rebuilding the health of our farmland is being accepted as a necessary component of farming, even among those who grow on an industrial scale. 

Farming Beautiful

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Farming is inherently beautiful. 

The reorganization of soil, water, and sunlight into a rainbow of colors and all of the architectural combinations that we have not thought of yet, that end up reorganized yet again before they end up on our plates. And then there are the things that we farm, but don’t necessarily (and sometimes, necessarily) eat. The wood, fuels, fibers, and of course the flowers.

The Flowers.


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