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SNAP at the Market

We love fresh, local food at the Champaign Farmers Market, and The Land Connection is committed to making this great food accessible and affordable to the whole community.
Are you participating in our Winter Bonus program with Common Ground Food Co-op and the Urbana Market IN the Square? Read about how to use your vouchers this winter and spring.
That's why in 2018 we offered three different ways to maximize Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits on fresh, local food during our market season.
  1. Every week, Link card holders could swipe their card for tokens that can be spent at the Champaign Farmers Market, and The Land Connection doubled their purchase up to $20 in vouchers for fresh fruits and vegetables.
  2. On the second Tuesday of every month, we offered Triple Link Tuesday. That means we matched up to $20....and then we matched again. SNAP recipients could get up to $40 extra to spend on fresh produce!
  3. On the last Tuesday of the month, we offered a new End-of-Month Bonus. Customers could swipe their Link card for any amount, and not only did we double the amount, we added an extra $10 to spend on fruits and veggies.
If you used your Link card at least 5 times at the market and qualified for the Winter Bonus program, you will receive $300 in vouchers to spend at Common Ground Food Co-op and the indoor Urbana Market IN the Square. Your vouchers will be available for pickup starting at noon on Wednesday, November 7 at Common Ground. Click the link below for info on how the Winter Bonus works.
Not sure if you qualified? Email Sarah at to confirm.