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Market FAQ

What can I buy at the market?

We want this to be the kind of market where you can do all your food shopping for the week – not just vegetables, but eggs, meat, and bread too. Because these things all have to be grown, raised or produced locally, the food available each week will change as the seasons change.

Will my favorite farmer from the Urbana Market be there?

We are currently recruiting producers. If you have a farmer you’d like to see at the market, please let us and them know!

Can I bring my dog/cat/iguana?

We are tentatively allowing pets of all kinds for the first season. Please be a good owner and only bring animals who are well-behaved and enjoy being around people.

Where will there be bike parking?


I’m a farmer. Can I have my CSA pickup be at the market?

Yes! CSA produce may not be on display, however.

Can I use my credit card?

The best options, such as Credibles, or card readers like Square, are things vendors must set up themselves.

Can I use my SNAP benefits?

Yes! We will be able to double up to $20 of benefits per person per week while funds last. All you need to do is bring your Link card to the market booth.

Why shop at the farmers market instead of the grocery store?

Eating locally grown, in season food tastes better! Knowing the farmer that grew your food personally is something many people like. What reasons can you think of?