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Agritourism Intensive


Agritourism offers farmers the opportunity to bring the public onto their farms and tell the story of their products. It can be a powerful, untapped revenue stream, but there are many challenges that can be difficult to overcome. 

All of the information presented in the workshop can be adapted by a farmer anywhere in the United States to expand their agritourism horizons, and the workshop highlights the strengths of agritourism in Illinois in particular. Attendees will explore the details of running agritourism operations by:

  • Learning from agritourism experts and The Land Connection staff about the potential opportunities for growth in the industry
  • Walking through the risks and mitigation strategies of successful agritourism businesses with a farm law expert
  • Observing the potential of an on-farm commercial kitchen and processing facility through both presentation and delicious meals provided by the farm’s chef
  • Going on tours of successful farms in the “Land of Lincoln” that will cover topics from start-up and capital access to pricing, regulation, infrastructure and personnel management 



The cost of the Agritourism Intensive Workshop is $175.00 through July 8, and increases to $200.00 until the close of registration on July 27. The cost includes all meals, tastings, and the bus tour. Scholarships are available. To inquire about scholarships, please write to before registering.

One-day options: You may also choose to attend just one of the days of the workshop, which are available for $100 each.



A block of 15 rooms has been reserved under The Land Connection at the Country Inn in Champaign from July 31 - August 2 at a rate of $80.00/night.

602 W Marketview Dr, Champaign, IL 61822

For reservation follow this link or call: (217) 355-6666

Directions to Prairie Fruits Farm and Creamery

Please follow this link to their website.