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Our Season Extension class got a hands-on experience in moving a high tunnel as part of Day Three's activities!

Alisa DeMarco is the executive chef at Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery in Champaign, IL. On a sunny day at the end of July 2015, we interviewed Alisa about the work she does to extend the season at the farm. The peach harvest was getting into full swing and pick-your-own customers had just left the orchard. Alisa walked through to harvest the 'seconds' that customers did not pick, explaining along the way how Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery gets the most out of every crop. She then took the harvest into the farm's commercial kitchen, where she explained the peach preserving process. She also explained how they market their value-added fruit products both directly and through their many on-farm events, how they are able to gain profit from a crop that is otherwise unusable, and why season extension is important to the farm as a business..


Lorien Carsey is the farm manager and winter farmer at Blue Moon Farm in Urbana, IL. Signs of spring were just beginning to show when we interviewed Lorien in late March 2015. Lorien gave us a tour of the farm's ten high tunnels and explained their extensive production system, which grows a variety of crops for local retail and wholesale markets throughout the year. Bed preparation for their high tunnel tomatoes was well underway, which they can have producing by June thanks to a unique mobile heating solution. She also explained their process for moving their mobile high tunnels, how she chooses crops for their different styles of tunnels, and why season extension is so important to their labor force and to their business as a whole.


Marty Gray is the co-owner of Gray Farms Produce. in Watseka, IL. We interviewed him on an icy day in February 2015, just as his protected crops were beginning to put on new growth with the lengthening days. Marty took us through his high tunnels and indicated the many pieces of equipment and infrastructure that must come together along with good timing and planning to make high tunnel production work. He also discussed his many crop choices, showed us some of his crop storage solutions, and explained how he has overcome the many challenges of intense winds. Finally, he discussed how season extension has been an intrinsic part of his business from the beginning, how he would like to do more winter farming so that he can guarantee employment for his loyal team, and how he markets his crops through winter markets and online ordering.

Also, check out this blog post explaining why farmers should consider incorporating season extension.


TLC Guides and Graphics

Season Extension Infographic (pdf)

A Guide To Season Extension (pdf) produced by The Land Connection

High Tunnels, Low Tunnels, and Greenhouses 

Online guides and resources

Growing Under High Tunnels in Illinois and the Midwest - University of Illinois Extension

Midwest Winter Production Conference resources – many, many resources here

High Tunnel (pdf) - University of Vermont, a definitive, if somewhat outdated, resource 

High Tunnel Construction Demonstration - From Rutgers University, a detailed slideshow

University of Kentucky High Tunnel Research Facility – ongoing research with updates

Mother of a Hubbard – winter production on a small-scale, especially with low tunnels

Building a Hoop House, a YouTube series by Adam Montri of Michigan State University

Season Extension: Variety Trials and Selection, SARE

Season Extension Resources Database, Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service:

Online Tools

Johnny’s Selected Seeds – Tools and Calculators

The Michigan State University Hoophouse Website – lots of good resources here, but useful especially for the many schedules and estimators available


Four-Season Harvest by Eliot Coleman

The Market Gardener by Jean-Martin Fortier

The Northlands Greenhouse Manual by Carol Ford and Chuck Waibel

The Hoophouse Handbook by Lynn Byczynski


Crop Storage

Online guides and resources

Production Guide for Storage of Organic Fruits and Vegetables (pdf) - Rutgers University

Walk-in Coolers for Winter Storage - Northeast SARE 

An Introduction to Root Cellars, Maine Farmers and Gardeners Association

Quick Reference for Storage Needs of Different Crops - University of Missouri Extension

Basics of Root Cellar Storage (video) - Tractor Supply Company


Build an Underground Root Cellar by Phyllis Hobson

The Complete Root Cellar Book by Steve Maxwell and Jennifer McKenzie


Value Addition and Processing of Specialty Crops

Online Guides and Resources

Fermenting for Value Added Vegetables - SARE

USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning - USDA 

Illinois Cottage Food Operation Information - University of Illinois Extension:

Food Preservation Manuals University of Minnesota Extension


The Art of Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz

Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving by Lauren Devine


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