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Field Days and Workshops

What: Educational events on specific agricultural subjects

Why: To improve your skills through in-the-field learning from the experts

Who: Farmers and gardeners

Where: Across Illinois

When: Throughout the year


Marketing and Booth Design for the Farmers' Market - February 28 in Springfield

Money Matters at the Farmers' Market - March 9 in Champaign / March 23 in Springfield

Direct Marketing Success with Atina Diffley - March 29, 2017

Post-Harvest Handling with Atina Diffley - March 30, 2017

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Refund policy: Registration fees for all field days and workshops are non-refundable. If a program is cancelled by The Land Connection, all fees will be refunded.


PrairiErth Farm Field Day  - September 6, 2016

Managing Risk in Organic Grain Marketing - September 8, 2016

Savanna Institute Workshop - September 10

Managing Financial Risk in Organic Grain Farming - December 8, 2016

Marketing Strategies for Specialty Crops and Diversified Farms - January 26, 2017

Farm Scale Seed Starting Workshop - February 9, 2017

Money to Grow: FSA Programs for Beginning Farmers Workshop - February 11, 2017

Beyond Production: Growing the Organic Grain Industry - February 16, 2017

Marketing and Booth Design for the Farmers' Market - February 20 in Champaign