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Sunny Lane Aronia Farm

Teresa Brockman, Sunny Lane Aronia Farm, Eureka, IL

The Farm

Acreage:  5
Certification:  Certified Organic by GOA
Primary Products: Fruit
Secondary Products: Herbs, honey
Marketing Methods: CSA, farmers’ market
Number of Employees/Interns: <5
Farming since: 2001

The Farmer 

Teresa began farming on a 3 acre strip of land in Eureka in 2001. This is where she continues to grow about 80 varieties of 30 kinds of fruit, as well as herbs. She has a CSA and sells at the Evanston Farmers’ Market. In 2006 she added 2 acres of Aronia berries (a fruit native to the area, but popular in Eastern Europe), which was certified organic in 2009. Teresa has also begun offering seedlings for transplant in the spring.

Areas of Expertise:

Organic Certification
Field/Crop Planning