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Feel free to use any of these Social Media Starter Kit posts as is, or adapt them to sound more like you! The posts are sorted by what social media platform we wrote them for, but if you like something from the Twitter section, and only use Facebook, use it there. And you can (and should!) share the photos you put on Instagram on other sites.  At the bottom of the page, we have a small selection of blogs, useful hashtags and good people to follow on Twitter listed as well.

Not sure how to use a specific social media tool? We have factsheets and a whole marketing webinar series.

We recommend taking your own photos to use with the posts, but in a pinch, ours will do.


It’s the online equivalent of your living room - it’s okay to be informal and having conversations with followers is encouraged! A couple tips:

  • Keep your posts short - two sentences or less is best.
  • Make sure it is visual - include a photo or link (with a photo - it automatically pulls one from the site. ).
  • To increase the number of people who see your content, tag others - like restaurants who buy from you or your local market.
What's your favorite way to eat tomatoes? Here are three ways besides plain on a plate:
Pickling some of our lovely cucumbers for winter sounds like a great idea! Check out this great recipe from @smittenkitchen
It’s fer-ment to be - we love making totally raw pickles. Fermenting makes them tangy without vinegar (and you get all those good-for-you probiotics!) pickles
Home, Home on the farm, where the peas and the canteloupe play, where seldom is seen a discouraging weed and the vegetables ripen all day!


Fireworks are nice, but think about how much fun [tag your market here] will be this weekend!


(If possible, use a photo of fireworks with you in it!)

Got any pun-ions?

We do!

Where did the onion go for a drink? The Salad Bar!

There will be onions at the [tag your market] this weekend!



This is more like a cocktail party - it’s okay to hop around interacting (by favorite-ing or retweeting) posts from people you’ve never met. A few tips:

  • Shorten links to stories to conserve space
  • Use #hashtags! You can search for them to find other people who are posting about the same things.
  • Retweet things you find interesting that you think represent your farm’s philosophy.
#seasonal eating at its finest - check out this #fennel #kohlrabi #blueberry salad from @StephAndTheGoat
Can safely with @usdaFoodsafety #foodpreservation #illgrowtlc
Starting the fall #brassicas this month so you'll have #broccoli and #cabbage all winter! #storage #eatlocal #illgrowtlc
With all this rain, the #vegetables are huge, but so are the #weeds! #illgrowtlc

#blackberries are so hard to say no to! #illgrowtlc

Hands down, one of the best ways to eat #carrots and #parsley  #illgrowtlc
We're serious about #vegetables so here are some #jokes so you know we can be fun too #farm #illgrowtlc



These are meant to be inspiration for creating your own content, but you can use them as-is if you prefer. Unlike most other things, Instagram really doesn’t work well on non-mobile devices, so if you have a tablet or smartphone, install the app and have fun! Like Twitter, you use hashtags. Like all social media platforms, it will work much better if you “like” other users’ images and follow accounts that are of interest to you to gain a network of followers.

Up bright and early in the field #harvestdays #summer[Get a picture of the sunrise, if possible, over the fields]
No #summertimesadness around here! #felfie #farmer #selfie[take a selfie of you smiling - #felfie is a farmer-selfie hashtag]

There's nothing better than fresh [vegetable] in [dish]. Come get some for yourself on Saturday at @tagmarket.


[Take an appetizing photo of food you made with something you would like to sell a lot of at the market!]
Tomatoes have toes... and bellybuttons![Take a photo of a tomato that looks like it has a bellybutton]
Ready for tomorrow at [@tagmarket]! #roadtrip #farmersmarket[Take a picture of your fully loaded vehicle for market.]



  • You can upload the picture of a finished recipe to Pinterest (be sure to share it on Instagram too!) and link to the recipe.

    • It is ok to share similar or same content on separate social media outlets as you will often have different audiences.

  • Search Pinterest for local farms, farmers markets. Use hashtags like #farmtotable #localproduce #sustainable to find what others are posting and pin those to your personal board.

  • Please refer to the July Board on The Land Connection’s Pinterest account for more content:



Post a short video of you showing how a vegetable goes from the field to the market.



Food-related Blogs We Love (that you might too!)

David Lebovitz is an award-winning pastry chef and cookbook author who lives in Paris, France. He blogs regularly about his adventures with food and travel, nearly always with a seasonal tilt, frequently with dessert and photographs that make you want to get on an airplace immediately.

Deb Perelman is a self-taught cook based in New York City. Her blog has gorgeous photos and is nearly always seasonally focused (except for the occasional chocolate dessert!). The things she cooks are easy and spectactular at the same time - and she is highly responsive to questions.

Heidi Swanson is a photographer and writer based in San Francisco. Her blog focuses on whole food and vegetarian cooking, and is usually seasonally based and tends to have lots of Asian inspiration. Alternative grains are used heavily, especially in baked goods.

Erin is a cookbook writer and photographer who grew up in central Illinois. She now lives in Sacramento, California, and writes a seasonally based blog that is vegetarian.

Kimberley Hasselbrink is a cookbook writer and food photographer based in San Francisco. Her recipes and photos are gorgeous - and she has a great instagram feed.

Shanon is a physician living in Milwaukee. She writes an approachable, vegan-friendly, vegetarian focused blog with great photos and recipes you could make with what you have at home - or bring home from the market.

Prairie Rose is a New York based mixologist who shares creative, seasonal recipes for takes on classic drinks.


Important Days

July 1- Canada Day

July 4 - Independence Day

July 10 - Teddy Bear Picnic Day

July 14 - Bastille Day

Food Holidays in July

People to follow on Twitter

  1. @ilstewards
  2. @goodfoodfestchi
  3. @familyfarmed
  4. @thelocalbeet
  5. @edibleeconomy
  6. @spencefarmfound
  7. @freshpicks
  8. @uie_hort
  9. @angelicorganics
  10. @food_tank
  11. @fernews
  12. @michaelpollan
  13. @greenhorns
  14. @eatsustainable
  15. @IFMA
  16. @nourishplanet
  17. @civileats
  18. @foodcorps
  19. @mosesorganic
  20. @prairiefruits
  21. @prairierthfarm
  22. @bossyacres


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