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Spring Asparagus Tart


2 cups whole wheat (or all purpose) flour

1 Teaspoon salt

¼ cup olive oil + 1 tablespoon

½ cup cold water

1 bunch asparagus, cut to fit your pan

¼ cup grated cheese (use your favorite, I use a hard cheese like pecorino)

2 Teaspoons fresh herbs, minced Optional: eggs and mushrooms, or other spring veggies



Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees

Combine flour, salt, 1 teaspoon herbs, and olive oil

  1. Add cold water and mix with a fork, and then your hands until the dough forms a ball (one 12 inch tart pan, or three 4-inch tart pans)

  2. Roll the dough out on a floured surface and gently press into your tart pan

  3. Lightly oil the tart crust surface with olive oil

  4. Place the asparagus and other veggies on the tart crust (if you are using eggs, crack them in between the vegetables)

  5. Sprinkle with the grated cheese and the remaining herbs

  6. Put the tart back in the oven and cook for another 12-15 minutes (check your egg and see that the white is no longer translucent)