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Persimmons and Memories

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After having been gone for four years, one of the first things I did upon returning to Santa Barbara, California, my home town, was to bite into a Fuyu persimmon that was grown in my mother’s garden.

It’s not new to talk about the connection between food and memory, but on this particular trip, every day was an intense experience of reconnecting with lifelong friends--and each time, that connection happened over a meal.

With some friends the meeting was at a particular restaurant, one that had been part of a past routine, over a specific menu item--cajun pizza, for example, is what I had every Wednesday morning with my friend Karin. With Jessica, it was eggs rose at D’Angelo’s. After being back for just a day, it became clear that every meeting with an old friend had a specific food attached to it--and because I was there for such a short time, and because I had been gone for so long, it was important to catch up quickly, so the familiarity of food and place served to make that happen. There was no need to waste time talking about where to go or looking at a menu, the food set the scene for the conversation to pick up right where it had left off.

Cheese Season, and All Things Goat

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What started out as a nice photo of bread and cheese, turned into not just a recipe of slicing up some cheese and fruit, and pairing it with good bread, but really long blog about what to do with all things goat--cheese, caramel, yogurt, whey, and meat.

It’s cheese season. I am reminded of this because I have been out to a goat dairy farm, Prairie Fruits Farm and Creamery, bottle feeding kids, lots of them. That is of course so that the milk can be made into delicious cheese and gelato. The Land Connection’s farmer annotated calendar features cheese in March, so I thought I’d share a recipe for making chevre, the creamy, spreadable cheese a lot of people refer to as goat cheese--which is true, but it is of course only one of many kinds of goat cheese--it is also one that you can easily make in your home kitchen. And, depending on how much goat milk you get, you may want to make some goat milk caramels too.


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