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The Real Holiday Season

We all think of the "Holidays" as starting off with Thanksgiving (or, more distressingly, Halloween), and wrapping up with New Year's Day. But February is real holiday season, and right when we NEED those random days off. Kicking off with Martin Luther King Jr. Day, on the third Monday of January, there's a good chance that any given day until the start of March is a holiday. I went to catholic school through 8th grade, and once I had friends who went to public school I became immensely jealous of them for one, not very good reason: Casimir Pulaski Day. I went to public school for high school, and those four years of getting the first Monday of March off were great. 

But the transition to adulthood was rough. We get two weeks of on and off again holidays, before the novelty of snow and cold has worn off. Then, if you're lucky, MLK day, and then February. Every. Single. Day. You. Have. To. Work.

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