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Farmer Training Highlight: Central Illinois Farm Beginnings

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This time of year, things are in full swing on area farms.  Vegetables  (and weeds!) are growing fast and furious. Animals are growing fat on green pastures.   Hay is being cut, baled, and stored away for the winter.  And The Land Connection’s Central Illinois Farm Beginnings students are out there, learning from their farmer-mentors and developing the skills and community connections that will launch their farming careers.

2012-07-20 10.28.11 Did you know that since 2005 The Land Connection has trained over 173 aspiring farmers, and that over two thirds of them are currently farming?  The Central Illinois Farm Beginnings program is a farmer-led, community-based initiative that equips new farmers with the business planning skills, local resources, and support network that are essential to their future success.  With a focus on environmentally and economically sustainable models, we are working to build a thriving food system to provide healthy, delicious, locally-grown food for Central Illinois.

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