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Women Who Farm Field Day Series 2018


Showcasing and learning from women farmers of Illinois


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The Women Who Farm Field Day series is BACK! Join us this summer in touring five women-led farms in central Illinois on Sunday afternoons from June through September.

At each event, we will take an extensive tour of a working farm, explore the skill or niche that the host farmer does best, and experience a hands-on activity to learn a new skill.

Delicious, fresh, local refreshments will be provided at each field day to replenish the body, cool the summer heat, and facilitate getting to know each other. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend!

Registration costs $15 (goes up to $20 the week before the field day) and includes a farm tour, refreshments, and a hands-on learning activity.


The Farms:

Flower Farming

Violeta Veenstra, Harvest & Blooms
Sunday, June 24, 2-5pm | Rochester, IL

Violeta, a former high school teacher, has recently transitioned to full-time farming, running the cut flower side of the family's business, Harvest & Blooms. Come along and learn her secrets to cut flower production. Bring your own vase or mason jar and learn basic floral arranging after the farm tour.


Farmhouse Brewery

Anna Schweig, Big Thorn Farm
Sunday, July 22, 2-5pm | Georgetown, IL

From gooseberries to apple mint, Anna grows many of the botanicals and ingredients used in the delicious beers made at the family brewery, Big Thorn Farm. Discover how Anna and Aaron built and run this unique and sustainable off-grid farmhouse brewery on 15 acres in Vermillion County, IL.


Vineyard and Winery

Susan Danenberger, Danenberger Family Vineyards
Sunday, OCTOBER 14, 2-5pm | New Berlin, IL

Some say quality wine grapes cannot be grown in central Illinois, but they have not met winemaker Susan Danenberger! For Susan, every bottle is a work of art that she crafts with loving care year-upon-year. Explore her vineyard, nestled in her family's Centennial farm, and learn the process of making Illinois wine. You may even get to experience traditional grape mashing if the timing is right with the white grapes!


Pastured Livestock & Poultry

Beth Osmund, Cedar Valley Sustainable
Sunday, September 30, 2-5pm | Ottawa, IL

Leaving the bustling city behind for the tranquility of the countryside, Beth and her family pioneered the CSA farm model in LaSalle County. There, she raises pastured beef, pork, and poultry, and serves as a local foods and farm activist presenting at conferences throughout the Midwest. Ramble the fields with Beth and learn what makes her farm work. Afterwards, you'll construct a mobile chicken coop and uncover tips and tricks for your farm.


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The Farmers:


Violeta Veenstra

Harvest & Blooms | Rochester, IL

Farmer bio coming soon!


Anna Schweig

Big Thorn Farm | Georgetown, IL

Anna started the farm with her partner, Aaron, in 2011, when they bought 15 acres in rural Vermilion County. They started planting all the things they wanted to use in beer someday. They started their brewery in August of 2016 and now use many ingredients grown right here on their solar-powered farm!

Anna grows things almost exclusively for use in their beer-making; gooseberries, rhubarb, blackberries, baby ginger, and many different kinds of herbs.


Susan Danenberger

Danenberger Family Vineyards | New Berlin, IL

Farmer bio coming soon!


Beth Osmund

Cedar Valley Sustainable | Ottawa IL

Farmer bio coming soon!



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Come prepared for an afternoon of walking and talking in field conditions. Wear sturdy shoes and sun protection. We will be touring farms in hot summer conditions. Bring bug spray if insects are bothersome for you. Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated in the summer heat.