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In the sustainable farming and farmers market community, we've all been watching the developments surrounding the 2018 very closely. Last summer, both Mallory and I had the opportunity to speak at a House Ag Committee listening session at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur. Together with a coalition of local food advocates pulled together by the Illinois Stewardship Alliance, speakers who were called up had two minutes to address House Ag Committee Chair Rep. Conaway and 7 other members of the commitee, including 3 Illinois representatives (Mike Bost, Cheri Bustos, and Rodney Davis).

Guest Blog: Choosing Organic Homemade Alternatives Over Store-Bought Staples

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Eating healthier while spending less is everyone’s dream, especially for those primarily responsible for making purchases for household staples. With a little effort, you can find homemade alternatives to your expensive shop bought staples. Apart from saving a couple dollars, you will know exactly what goes into your food and the exact procedure used in making it.

Get Creative With Dairy Products

A PSA on your local CSA

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Listening to my latest podcast (I am not ashamed to admit it was Missing Richard Simmons), it’s impossible to make it through 15 minutes without an advertisement for Hello Fresh or Blue Apron. And let’s not mention the endless social media posts of friends offering free meal coupons to the same services. With the constant introductions and reminders of these services, it’s easy to forget that right in many of our own backyards we can find a similar service provided by local farmers. Not sure what I am referring to? Community Supported Agriculture or CSA. This PSA will help you understand the ins and outs of CSA programs and, more importantly, give you more than enough reasons to drop your meal service in support of our local farmers!

We need a policy platform

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You’ve likely heard the news on Friday that the House Farm Bill was voted down; a casualty of the heated immigration debate. Regardless of the proximal reasons the bill failed, this was a very good thing. As I discussed in my blog last month, the House Farm Bill was very bad news for issues we care deeply about, SNAP/Food Access, Conservation, and education programs for sustainable/regenerative farmers. The Senate has yet to release their draft Farm Bill, but insiders have reported that it is a more favorable bill for the Good Food Movement.

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Last week I got to make my National Public Radio debut, as a guest on WILL's show The 21st with Niala Boodhoo, along with Catherine Dunlop (manager of the Downtown Bloomington Farmers Market) and Natalie Moore (WBEZ Chicago’s South Side bureau reporter). And of course, ever since the interview, I keep thinking of additional points I could have made, so I'll make some of them here.


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