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On Farm Variety Trials: Designing a Screening Trial

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This is Part 3 of a multi-part series on On-Farm Variety Trials. Part 2: "Planning It Out" can be found here.

Last month, I explored planning your on-farm variety trial. I began with identifying goals. The goals you outlined will guide the next several decisions in executing your variety trial, the design of your experiment.

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Once upon a first farmers market season, I happened upon a funny looking potato that reminded me of the Pigs! In! Space! pigs on The Muppet Show. We put on some googly eyes (because as a farmers market, we're always stocked with the essentials), and lo, Pigtato was born. Admittedly, I received many a doubtful look from my colleagues, but at community events and at the market, Pigtato was a big hit with kids and adults alike. There was usually a double take, and then they loved him. I took that potato around with me for over a month, until he started to shrivel beyond repair.

Too Many Tomatoes!!!

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It is the time of year when tomatoes are starting to come in hard and fast. Your own garden has become a squirrels candy store as you just can’t seem to get them off of the vine fast enough. Your friends and neighbors have resorted to leaving bunches of tomatoes on your patio table, front porch, and even back stairs (if I knew who put the tomatoes that I stepped on in front of the door I would go throw them at their house, seriously?!). Now, as your drowning in tomatoes and sitting at your kitchen table shaking your head and thinking to yourself “what the hell am I going to do with all of these?” don’t worry, there is hope!

On-Farm Variety Trials: Planning It Out

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This is Part 2 of a five-part series on On-Farm Variety Trials. Part 1: “What’s the fuss all about?” can be found here.

In my last blog, I introduced the concept of on-farm variety trials and explored the many benefits of conducting one on your farm. Today, I will explore the planning and preparation stage of the process. As with any project, thorough planning from the start will set up your variety trial for a smooth and enjoyable execution.

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August is upon us. We're on the cusp of peak farmers market season. The trifecta is here (peaches, sweet corn, and tomatoes). We see whole rainbows of peppers and cherry tomatoes around the market. I've spotted at least 4 different types of eggplants, and this coming Tuesday a pickup full of watermelons is rolling in... It's time to celebrate farmers markets in all their glory as we head into National Farmers Market Week (August 5-11, 2018). 

Weed Management 2018/ Student Interns

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This week's blog entry is from a guest writer. If you are interested in being a guest blogger, contact

By: Ann Swanson, Hendrick House Food Service

♪ ♫ Let’s talk about weeds bay- beee, let’s talk about you and me, let’s talk about all the bad things and the good things that involve wee – ding- ing, let’s talk about weeds! ♪ ♫

Food for Thought - Grilling Peaches (and just Grilling)

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Last Sunday, Rey and I decided to have some friends over for a little grill-out in our backyard. We are very proud of our backyard and have gardened it to within an inch of its life, which seems silly given that we rent our house, but it is our oasis and our escape, and we want to enjoy it. So we garden, garden, garden.

On-Farm Variety Trials: What’s the fuss about?

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We’ve all been there. It's the deep winter, the days are short and cold. The farm is buttoned up for the season. For the first time in nearly a year, we have the time and space to dream. It is Planning Season, the weeks in the winter when we pour over the seed catalog and drool over flashy new varieties, voraciously seek out our old standbys, and mourn the loss of discontinued favorites.












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