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Farming Foibles: Baking as Memory

Certain baked items are forever associated with certain people in my mind -- gingerbread and my dad, Christmas coffee cake and my mom, Tiesen Arman and my Aunt Sue, peanut butter cups and my sister (though she no longer makes them -- she now makes almond cake, which I like much better).  I am lucky in many ways to come from a family that baked, not just on the holidays, but year-round.   My mom regularly baked bread from scratch -- one year she worked her way through t

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Now that Market season has wrapped up, it's time for the annual barrage of "So what do you do with yourself now that the season's done?" The answer for all market managers is, of course, PLENTY. Analyzing the last season and planning, fundraising, getting ready for the next. But my work here at The Land Connection is more than the Market.

Farming Foibles: Kittie Condo

If you spend any time worrying about outdoor cats and winter (and you should if you have neighborhood cats),  you may have seen various plans on the internet to take a large rubber tote and turn it into an insulated cat house.   If you've followed my blogs at all, you are aware that Fuzzy is an outdoor cat, so we take winter housing very seriously at our place.  You may also have come to the creeping realization that our Fuzz-bucket is a weeeee bit spoiled.  The

We have set a place at our table for you, join us!

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November 18th marks the start of the thirteenth year of Central Illinois Farm Beginnings. It is amazing to think that we have been training beginning farmers for so many years. To date, we have shepherded 199 beginning farmers through the business planning process! As always, our mission with Farm Beginnings is to provide new farmers with the business planning skills they need to launch financially viable farm businesses.

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...but wait, we're still enjoying the 2017 season, isn't next year a ways off? Farmers and market managers will immediately tell you, no. The next season feels like it will start about 5 minutes after the last, and this time around we're very excited for that. Thanks to the tireless work of the Illinois Stewardship Alliance (plus Illinois farmers and local food advocates who have been lobbying our state representatives) there are two big reasons to get excited for the 2018 farmers' market season in Illinois. 

Raise your Cup (and Fork)

I've been spending much of my time preparing for Sunday's Artisan Cup & Fork Fundraiser and Chef Competition.  I'm very excited about the event!  It's going to be a fabulous time; however, it sure would have been easier if we had just rented out a ballroom at a hotel and ordered catering.  So, why didn't we?  Because honoring and celebrating those who play such a vital and active role in our local food movement is important to us ...


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