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My Journey With The Land Connection

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Greetings! I'm Joanna, the new Outreach Coordinator for The Land Connection. You might recognize me as "Volunteer" from last year's Champaign Farmer's Market, or my turn as "Guest Judge" at the Halloween themed market (it's okay if you don't, I was, after all, in costume). 

My road to The Land Connection started three years ago and is entirely tied to the Tuesday market. I was working downtown when I heard about the proposed market and I absolutely fell in love/became obsessed with the idea. I knew immediately it was a wonderful idea and would benefit a variety of stakeholders-most importantly, my hometown community, and most selfishly, my own family. As I introduced my children, ages 15, 12, and 8 to the market, it became clear that this was a great opportunity to introduce them to local small farmers, bakers, olive oil makers and to have a weekly market trip experience in which they could budget a few dollars and learn about sustainable farming and the value of tasty, home-grown food.

My goal is to continue to encourage people to visit the market and now also to learn about and experience The Land Connection's other programs. From cut flower garden tours to farm-to-table events to literally growing farmers from their initial farm dreams to full fledged business owners, I have learned that what The Land Connection provides goes far beyond my initial knowledge of the Champaign Farmer's Market. 
I am so excited about the future of The Land Connection and the amazing opportunity I have to get even more involved with everything they offer. And if you're at the market on Tuesdays stop by the welcome table to say hi!
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