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Radish Challenge Results: What do the cool kids think?'s picture

Last week, Cara issued her radish challenge, and over the weekend I wholeheartedly accepted. I picked up some gorgeous misato radishes from Blue Moon Farm in Urbana, and pulled out my new woodland creature and barnyard animal cookie cutters (from an unorthodox approach to Christmas cookie season over the holidays). I was delighted to find the radishes big enough to accomodate many off my tools, and set about making myself a refreshing pink menagerie. 


I was certainly excited about my little radish animals, and I thought it just might be enough to get some notoriously veggie-averse little girls at the house to give misato a chance. 

We started off with enthusiasm. One wasn't afraid of the radish, the other is notoriously wary of "weird" veggies, but she was won over by the bright pink snail.


Little girl #1 was a bit weirded out at first, but then said "actually, it's really good!" 

#2 wasn't quite as enamored, but the tasting was already a pretty major victory:

This little experiment was a fun preview of ideas I'd like to work into our new kids' program at the Champaign Farmers' Market these season. And even better, I got a playful, healthy, and very delicious dinner out of it (check out Cara's Winter Bowl from a few weeks ago):


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