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Raise your Cup (and Fork)

I've been spending much of my time preparing for Sunday's Artisan Cup & Fork Fundraiser and Chef Competition.  I'm very excited about the event!  It's going to be a fabulous time; however, it sure would have been easier if we had just rented out a ballroom at a hotel and ordered catering.  So, why didn't we?  Because honoring and celebrating those who play such a vital and active role in our local food movement is important to us ... and those people are worth the extra effort.

Our work at The Land Connection revolves around farmers and the work they do.  A community can't have a local food movement without local food -- and that means there must be farmers willing and able to grow that food.  We all need to let our local farmers know how important what they do is to us.

We also need people to help us learn how to use all that wonderful local, seasonal, food.  Our chefs help showcase just how fantastic local food can look, smell and taste.  They inspire us with every meal.  We need to make sure they have access to the best local ingredients so they can continue to dazzle our palates.

The Artisan Cup & Fork is not only an opportunity to come and taste the very best of local food, but is also a chance to help support The Land Connection and the work we do.  We need your help to continue to extend the purchasing power of our less fortunate neighbors, though our SNAP incentive programs at the Market.  We need your help to continue to offer beginning farmer trainings scholarships, and we need your help to continue to grow our Tuesday Champaign Farmers' Market. 

So, please, raise your cup (and fork) and join us this Sunday!


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