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Steady as She Goes

We've been having some fun with military terminology in the office lately, with IED (Interim Executive Director) as a favorite.  I'm going to add another one in -- more nautical in nature, and more encompassing of my current philosophy -- Steady as She Goes.   That is my goal as Interim Executive Director -- not to blow things up, but instead to keep things on course and moving forward in the same direction.  

It should be pretty much smooth sailing.  In the year that I've been at The Land Connection, I've been consistently impressed with our outstanding staff, the quality of the programs we offer, and how we impact the community -- including through our farmer training programs and the Champaign Farmers' Market.  That will not change in the short term (or the longer term), but I know that in times of transition there can be some anxiety when looking in from the outside.  

Although my tenure at The Land Connection has been somewhat short, and not in a management role, I have an MBA and 20+ years of managing people and projects.  I am humbled by the vote of confidence that I have received from our Board, from Cara, and from our staff.  Furthermore, I have the rock-solid foundation that our previous Executive Directors have built, and amazing staff members to manage our programs.  

Although it may take a little while to fully man the ship again, the crew we have can keep the ship afloat and heading in the right direction.

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