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Last week I spoke on a panel at the Illinois Specialty Crop, Agritourism, and Organic Conference in Springfield. It was the final session of the Farmers' Market Vendor Boot Camp block, and the panel focused on the different types of advisory boards farmers' markets around Central Illinois use. We talked a lot about the different ways we all get input from our vendors and other stakeholders to build a successful farmers' market community. 

The days are short and the time is flying!

I am so pleased that the days are beginning to lengthen, the sun rising ever so marginally earlier and setting slightly later. It is breathing life into these wintery days. Even though the days are short in light, they are most definitely long in activity! For, my friends, it is now full-on workshop and conference season!!

Beet the Gray

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This time of year can be rough for those of us who love to grow food. We have passed the fall relief stage (remember when we were waiting for that hard freeze so we could finally pull the tomato plants?), we were excited to use some of our preserved summer bounty for holiday cooking, we tackled some of those indoor projects that we had put off for the first half of the year. Now it is just the countdown to April when we can get the 2017 seedlings in the ground.

Farming Foibles: Winter is Here

Farming Foibles: Winter is Coming, part 2

I'd like to welcome all returning (and new prospective) pyromaniacs to the 2nd installment of my blog on how to heat your home with wood.  Now that we have kindling out of the way, the next item we need to talk about is firewood.  Having a few acres in the country in Central Illinois doesn't automatically come with a woodlot (or trees in most cases), so you have to be a bit creative.  Of course, you could buy your firewood, but really, wh

Think Local this Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and what a better time to reflect on how thankful we all are for our farmers, putting in long hours, hard labor, and their resources to give us amazing and delicious food. It's important to remember our farmers and be thankful for all they do to reduce food insecurity, but let's take it another step this year by actually supporting our farmers this season and purchasing ingredients for the big feast locally.


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