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Here's why you should take my job

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You may have heard that I am moving on from The Land Connection and from the Midwest. I’m writing this to tell you two things. The first is just how much this work here in Illinois has meant to me, and the second is that if there is anyone out there who cares about the future of our food system like I do, you should apply for the position I’m vacating.

Palm Reading - A Look to the Future

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Last Tuesday, for the first time in the history of its existence, I missed the Champaign Farmers’ Market. I missed helping with the market heroes childrens' activities, handing out recipe cards, and putting on temporary tattoos. I missed seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones, and I missed handing out samples of the fruits, vegetables, and other amazing products that can be purchased there. And worst of all, I missed getting all of those good things! (I hear there was romanesco and purple cauliflower -- agh!)

Tractors depreciate; mentorships pay dividends

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Displaying IMG_6899.JPGWe received a grant from FarmAid this year. This is exciting for two reasons: 1) the email telling you that you got the award also comes with a picture of Willie Nelson signing the grant documents, which really is a reward in its own right; and 2) we get to start a phenomenal program here at The Land Connection.

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We’re a few weeks into our second season out at the Champaign Farmers’ Market, and it’s wonderful to be back out there, surrounded by new faces, and returning favorites. While we may have lost a few vendors to retirement and job changes, we’re happy to report that most have returned. But we were also thrilled earlier this year when applications opened up to see so many new farmers joining the Land Connection fold.

My eggplant has a first name: it's E-G-G-W-A-R-D-O...'s picture



Just one week until the start of the 2016 Champaign Farmers' Market, and it's time to (re)introduce you to an old friend: 

We've gotten to know our good friend Monsieur Aubergine well since his debut at the 2015 Bastille Day market, so well that we're now on a first name basis, and that name is Eggwardo.

The Search for Understanding Sustainable Food Labels

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Cage-free, grass-fed, natural – I know we have all seen these terms before and thought, “This sounds really healthy for me and probably better than this other brand. I should support these practices …sounds good let’s buy them!” Well, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been slightly mislead.


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