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Fighting the Foes and Folly of Farming

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This week's blog entry is from a guest writer. If you are interested in your article or blog entry being featured on the TLC blog, contact

By: Ann Swanson, Hendrick House Food Service

Growing in fall is so much easier than growing in the spring. There are usually less bugs, the days are shorter so the weeds have slowed their growth and the temperatures are usually cooler. Except for this week where temperatures will reach back into the 90’s. Yuck!

Growing A Great Garden As We Grow Old

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Guest blog by Sally Writes (

Many of us can probably remember those days outside as young children when we’d get our hands and feet dirty in the soil of our gardens without rhyme or reason. The garden is a place where small pleasure can be found; in growing our very own plants, we can feel like we are contributing to the natural beauty around us and helping the environment blossom.

Guest Blog: The True Cost of Eating Out instead of Cooking at Home

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This week we welcome guest blogger Erica Quinn, with a look at the costs of eating out versus cooking at home

Whether you’re just going for a quick burger or want a more family-oriented atmosphere at a fine local restaurant, everyone loves a great dining out experience. You may not realize how much those occasional trips out really cost you, however.

Getting to Know The Land Connection Staff: Emma

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The Land Connection is sharing a series of blog posts introducing the members of our staff to you, our readers and supporters! Come take a closer look at the heart of our organization: the staff members who work hard to keep TLC thriving. Over the next few weeks, be prepared to see a series of individual profiles of our staff members and get to know The Land Connection a little better! This week meet Emma, our farmer training facilitator for Central Illinois Farm Beginnings!


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