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Spring. Time to Bottle it

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Chive Save the spring. It seems like I spend a lot of time willing spring to arrive. And then when it finally does, I want it to hurry up and slow down. The colors, flavors, and smells of spring are dizzying, and I love it so much that I want to bottle it. So this past weekend, I did.

Winter Bowl

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Sometimes, in the fall, I like to talk about how even though I really dislike winter, I look forward to the break.

Beet the Gray

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This time of year can be rough for those of us who love to grow food. We have passed the fall relief stage (remember when we were waiting for that hard freeze so we could finally pull the tomato plants?), we were excited to use some of our preserved summer bounty for holiday cooking, we tackled some of those indoor projects that we had put off for the first half of the year. Now it is just the countdown to April when we can get the 2017 seedlings in the ground.

Perpetual Student

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I sat in the back the class  with my notebook, camera, and the day’s agenda on my lap,  and took in the warmth of the room that was lit with crisscrossing strings of globe lights--the kind that you might see on a patio in the summer--and the smell of coffee and freshly baked scones.


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