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Application Procedure  for the Farmer Incubator Program

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. The 2014 growing season starts very soon so please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in joining the program.

Steps to apply

Contact The Land Connection by writing to and let us know that you are interested in applying. After we have talked to you, if the match seems good, and if there is space available, we will ask you to submit your business plan, and we will e-mail you an application. Once your business plan has been submitted, our staff will prescreen your application for completeness and basic ability to comply with the contract using the following criteria:

  • Sound Business Plan that demonstrates good market opportunity
  • One to three years farm experience and has never owned a farm
  • Personal capacity to take risk, resources to cover living expenses
  • Strong awareness of organic production criteria
  • Equipment and resource use compatibility with existing farms
  • Market focus and competition with existing farms
  • Openness to feedback and recommendations
  • Good community member and neighbor

If your application is approved, our program staff will prepare a contract and lease for your review.  The contract and lease will be signed by the new farmer and the owners of the farmland on which your enterprise will be located.