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Organic Rotational Tillage Field Day



Organic Rotational Tillage Field Day



This field day will look at the effects of rotational tillage in organic corn and soybean production. Nationally renowned researcher Steven Mirsky (USDA-ARS in Beltville, MD) will discuss best practices for using a rotational tillage system on your farm. Held on a test farm run by Idea Farm Network's Will Glazik, you'll learn of the successes and failures he has experienced as he has experimented with rotational tillage in his organic crop rotation.

WHEN: August 20, 2018; 9am-1pm

WHERE: Paxton, IL (address included in your registration confirmation email)

HOW MUCH: FREE and includes lunch! RSVP by August 16. 

Questions can be sent to or by calling 217-840-2128.



TITLE: Cover Crop-based Organic Rotation, No-Till Grain Production

Reducing the intensity and frequency of tillage in organic corn and soybean production requires greater reliance on ecologically-based pest and fertility management. Cover crops are an integral part of this approach. The primary challenges in making this system work have been pests, fertility, and crop establishment in heavy residues. Researchers and farmers have experienced considerable success in cover crop-based organic rotational no-till soybean production compared to corn.  This is largely due to the greater complexity in fertility management that corn requires. All management challenges require a systems approach as there are trade-offs in every management practice with another. Lastly, management challenges are site-specific and require regional adaptations. 

BIO: Steven Mirsky is a research Agro-ecologist in the Sustainable Agricultural Systems Laboratory, USDA-Agricultural Research Service in Beltsville, Maryland. Steven conducts research on the effects of cover crops on crop productivity, economics, weeds, carbon and nitrogen cycling, and water and nutrient use efficiency and availability in organic and conventional grain systems. Steven is the project director for the National Legume Cover Crop Breeding program and integrated weed management team, and co-founder and current chair of the Northeast Cover Crop Council.


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