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Winter, not Winter?

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I am not a winter person.



















So in some ways the winter we have been having here in central Illinois this year should seem like a gift. And I will not deny that I have enjoyed spending more time outside, and losing track of where my coat is, since I have rarely needed it.

But the reality is that I have been edgier than usual this winter. Partly because I know it should not be this way, that with our changed climate, there will be consequences. But there has been something else, too. As much as I hate to admit it, winter usually forces me to take a break, to let my mind settle, and to think big about about spring. But this year, with spring coming and going freely, as it pleases, I am anxious. I keep thinking I am behind, that I should be further along with my garden plan. And I wonder, will have that euphoric feeling that comes after a long, hard winter? Or is this just it?


Looking ahead, at the 15 day forecast, there is definitely some winter still to come, which is probably good. That way I won’t get too overzealous and start planting things outside. I will keep the gate closed for a few more weeks, keep the seedlings happy in their tropical paradise in the house. I have spent the past few weeks doing the usual March things, getting a new batch of chicks, starting seeds, and clearing the beds out (the ones I did not clean up in the fall…).


I also direct seeded some cool weather greens and roots and worked on the yearly garden expansion project--more garden beds, less lawn. And this year, along with my usual vegetables, I am going all out with my flower garden. I have always wanted to have a flower business, so I am taking this year to learn as much as I possibly can--who knows, maybe I’ll actually grow enough sell…


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