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Steady as She Goes

We've been having some fun with military terminology in the office lately, with IED (Interim Executive Director) as a favorite.  I'm going to add another one in -- more nautical in nature, and more encompassing of my current philosophy -- Steady as She Goes.   That is my goal as Interim Executive Director -- not to blow things up, but instead to keep things on course and moving forward in the same direction.  

Beginning Farm Beginnings, Again!

"When they begiiiin Farm Beginnings..." (to the tune of Cole Porter's Begin the Begine) Oh how I love Farm Beginnings and Cole Porter, so why not mesh them!

With summer coming into full force, I am in full preparation mode for Farm Beginnings. This October will mark the 13th class of new farmers that The Land Connection has ushered into their new careers! It is such a privilege to help prepare new farmers for starting their local food businesses.

Farewell to The Land Connection Family

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I’ve been with The Land Connection for a short time, but as of the beginning of July, I’m moving on from my position as the Program Director. It is an exciting time for me as I transition to this next step, but also a time for reflection and gratitude of all that I’ve gained by being a part of The Land Connection family.

Growing A Great Garden As We Grow Old

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Guest blog by Sally Writes (

Many of us can probably remember those days outside as young children when we’d get our hands and feet dirty in the soil of our gardens without rhyme or reason. The garden is a place where small pleasure can be found; in growing our very own plants, we can feel like we are contributing to the natural beauty around us and helping the environment blossom.

Guest Blog: The True Cost of Eating Out instead of Cooking at Home

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This week we welcome guest blogger Erica Quinn, with a look at the costs of eating out versus cooking at home

Whether you’re just going for a quick burger or want a more family-oriented atmosphere at a fine local restaurant, everyone loves a great dining out experience. You may not realize how much those occasional trips out really cost you, however.


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