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Injecting Common Sense Into the Antibiotics Debate

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My first 4-H animal, Frosty, was a pretty heifer with a robust constitution and a feisty disposition.  She had calves each year and never once came down with mastitis or any other infection that required antibiotic treatment.

I was not quite so feisty or robust as Frosty. More than once, antibiotics rescued me from childhood bouts with serious cases of strep throat.  

Conservation Easements - preserving farmland, protecting wildlife

There are a couple different kinds of conservation easements, and they make good sense for different situations. But first, what exactly is an easement? In essence, it is a restrictive covenant placed on a piece of land that ensures that the land can only be used for a designated purpose. Restrictive covenants  are perhaps most well known in the context of segregated housing before the civil rights movement – but in terms of agricultural and other forms of conservation easements, it is intended to be a more positive thing.

Central Illinois Farm Beginnings Graduate Profile: Rebecca Fischer

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Renewal Acres, Quincy, Ilinois
Central Illinois Farm Beginnings 2006-2007

An Interview by Terra Brockman

Back in 2006, Rebecca Fischer saw a notice in her local newspaper about a brand new course called Central Illinois Farm Beginnings.  “It sounded like exactly what I would want to learn about: chickens and small acreages.”

2013 Sustainable Agriculture Farmer of the Year: Ron and Angie Ackerman

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The Land Connection facilitates the full-year farmer training course, Central IL Farm Beginnings.  An important component of the course is a mentorship with an experienced farmer.  Today we are profiling Ron and Angie Ackerman, who mentored Gail Record (read more about Gail here!), and who were winners of the 2013 R. J. Vollmer Award for Sustainable Agriculture at the Illinois State Fair.

Central Illinois Farm Beginnings Graduate Profile - Katie Kenney

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Stone Court Farm
Monticello, Illinois
Central Illinois Farm Beginnings 2011-2012

An interview by Cara Cummings

Katie Kenney used to spend her days in air conditioned classrooms lecturing on topics like statistics. Now, on any given 95 degree day with 80% humidity, you will find her planting trees, building fences, or taking care of livestock. She wouldn’t have it any other way.

Getting to Know The Land Connection Staff: Emma

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The Land Connection is sharing a series of blog posts introducing the members of our staff to you, our readers and supporters! Come take a closer look at the heart of our organization: the staff members who work hard to keep TLC thriving. Over the next few weeks, be prepared to see a series of individual profiles of our staff members and get to know The Land Connection a little better! This week meet Emma, our farmer training facilitator for Central Illinois Farm Beginnings!

Field Day at Henry's Farm - Weeds: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Weeds! They are the bane of many organic farmers’ and gardeners’ lives.  That’s why The Land Connection held a Weeding Field Day at veteran organic vegetable farmer Henry Brockman’s farm near Goodfield on June 29. (Interested in farming? Check out Central Illinois Farm Beginnings!)


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