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Farm Finances Webinar Series

Farm Finances Webinar Series

A Practical Guide to QuickBooks

Managing financial records and bookkeeping is challenging. Accounting software like QuickBooks can make the process much easier. Learn how to set up and use QuickBooks to streamline bookkeeping for your farm.

Crafting a Simple Balance Sheet

Discover the power of the balance sheet in this live webinar. In collaboration with the Land Stewardship Project, we will walk participants through the various components of a balance sheet, how to interpret each line, and ways that a balance sheet is useful to your farm business.


Profit & Loss Statement

Is your farm business turning a profit? The profit & loss statement will tell you! In this live webinar, you will learn how to organize your income and expenses into meaningful categories and interpret their impact on your bottom line. 


Cash Flow Statement

Do you have enough cash to pay your bills? The Cash Flow statement is an important tool to help you manage your money, pay your bills, and weather unexpected expenses. In this webinar, you will learn about the components of a cash flow statement, how to interpret each line, and ways that the cash flow statement is useful to your farm business. Join our Farmer Training Manager, Mallory Krieger, for a walk through this important financial tool.

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